Monday, 29 November, 2010

contribution of the great muslim scholar vakkom maulavi to the reformation of kerala

Are you interested to understand the contributions of well known organic intellect VAKKOM MAULAVI to the remaking of kerala?

If you have something to say, a golden opportunity is waiting for you to be part of a serious discussion at the KERALA ISLAMIC SEMINAR, a two-day event to be conducted by the Calicut (Kozhikode)-based Academy for Studies and Research at the historical town of Trivandrum (Kerala) on 29th and 30 December 2010.

The Academy
The Academy is working under the auspices of ISM Kerala, the youth wing of long-established socio-religious renaissance movement, the Kerala Nadwat ul-Mujahidin (KNM), founded in the early 20th century by such great social reformists and freedom fighters as Vakkom Maulawi, Muhammad Abdu Rahman Sahib and KM Maulawi.

The Theme
The 'Kerala model' of development is well-known around the globe and has been appreciated by world bodies like the UN and its agencies. It made Kerala unique among the Indian states in areas such as literacy, public health,education, etc..
Likewise, Kerala Muslims, who form roughly a quarter of the state's population, are unique among the Indian Muslims. Modern education, health care, women's rights, a well-organised system for religious education and many other factors differentiate them from Muslims in the rest of India. Kerala Muslims also cherish their long historical tradition of good relations with people of other faiths with whom they live.
It is time for the entire nation to look at the Kerala Muslim model of development as a role model for the Indian Muslims.

Vakkom maulavi was the founder of the first famous news daily in malayalam.He has contributed a lot for the making of modern kerala community.He devoted his entire life for the reform of his community and the whole society.proposed seminar will survey his historical works in it’s impacts.These and other related issues will be discussed at the seminar.

The Event
The two-day seminar will consist of presentation of papers, discussions and debates, in which eminent social activists and academicians will also participate. There will also be a public meeting.

The Faculty
The faculty of the seminar would consist of noted historians and intellectuals

The Venue
The event is to be held at the capital city  of kerala,Trivandrum.Trivandrum has a rich cultural and historical heritage.vakkom maulavi foundation id situated in the same city.
Trivandrum is also well-connected by road. The nearest airports are trivandrum airport.

How to Register
Limited seats are available for delegates. If you are Interested in participating as a delegate, apply, along with a detailed bio-data, to the following address before 15th December 2010.
Convener, Academy for Studies and Research, Markaz ud-Da'wah, Raman Menon Road, Kozhikode, Kerala 673 002. 

ph:+91495 2701812/ 2700172 fax:+91495 2703870